Our history

You can trust in over 100s years of experience

In 1912 the cooper Georg Speidel founded a business for the production of barrels. At the beginning, only wooden barrels for beer, wine and must were produced and sold regionally. In 1963 a GRP production (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) was added. Until 2004 GRP was used to produce multi-use barrels for agriculture, containers for wine and other beverages.

In the 1980s stainless steel became increasingly important. More and more stainless steel beverage containers were produced. In the meantime Speidel has become one of the leading businesses in the production of stainless steal containers for viniculture. Besides since 1996 Speidel also produced PE-containers in the so-called rotation method.

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The history of our Braumeister

In addition to our wealth of experience in the field of stainless steel tanks for wine and beer production, we can look back on more than 15 years of experience with small brewing devices. At that time we developed the Braumeister with its revolutionary malt pipe technology. The Braumeister is now available in six different sizes.

Our experience is reflected in practical details such as the simple cleaning of boiler and pump, the precisely matched range of accessories and the automatic shower control with timer function.

Here you can see one of the first Braumeisters in operation. Compared to the new models, a lot has changed, but the concept of the malt tube technology has proven itself. Right from the start, the brewing wort was gently and conveniently pumped around. And because the pipes are not visible from the outside and almost everything is made of stainless steel, the Braumeister also looks good.

An old model of the Braumeister in a kitchen
Braumeister in a garden

How time flies! Here the first Braumeister was introduced and of course also the first beers, which had been brewed in it, were tasted.

Of course, we also photographed the first fair at which we had the brewmaster with us.

Our first fair
Braumeister with copper hood

Notice anything? Right, here you see two newer models with improved controls and a copper hood.

And of course we have continuously developed the Braumeister and also developed brewing plants for larger numbers of litres. Here, the 200-litre and 500-litre Braumeister can be seen at a trade fair - the 1000-litre model did not yet exist at that time.

Big Braumeisters
New Braumeister

This might look familiar to you: three models in the 10, 20 and 50 litre versions with the new control system.