A journey that started in 2013

Vandoma Brauhaus, Portugal

Frustrated after drinking standardised and boring beers for several years, a couple of friends went to a Craftbeer festival in the North of Portugal and felt inspired to brew their own beer, to drink at friend’s gatherings and birthdays.

Their 1st brewday was in 15th October 2013. In Luís wife’s kitchen, using the largest pans they could find in the house, 5-litre jerrycans as fermenters and a wine cooler for fermentation temperature control, their first Lager (or something like it) was made.

The team of Vandoma

After a few batches they “won” a private blind tasting competition (among friends and family … ) and that was the time they decided to move forward in their dream: to build an authentic homebrew setup with the 20-litre Braumeister system!

Following that key moment, Vandoma Brauhaus was set up and in March 2016 local authorities officially approved the manufacture of Vandoma Brauhaus beers.

As admirers of German beer styles, they took Munich Helles as their first challenge, followed by a Doppelbock. They are happy to say that both will bo on offer at May 7th when they have their first two beers on sale at a local craft beer pub!

Rather than ambitioning to make a large number of beers, Vandoma Brauhaus strives for brewing high quality Lager and Weizen beers. You see, it also works in very small scale.

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