Speidels Braumeister Sudwerkstatt

Sudwerkstatt micro brewery

Customer portrait 500-litre Braumeister

This is where you tinker, screw and turn: everything you do in a workshop. But the two family fathers, Stephan Künzel and Michael Baumann, don't screw around with machines in their spare time, but create new types of beer again and again.

In the brewing workshop, beers are brewed by hand and sold successfully. What began in Baumann's private cellar with a 50-litre Braumeister has now grown to a hundred square metres of production space. Brewing is now carried out with a 500-litre Braumeister. In addition, there are four fermentation tanks with insulating jackets and the electronic fermentation control Gärmeister CONTROL from Speidel. With this equipment, the two sideline brewers can now fill around 1500 bottles with 0.33 l beer with one brew.


The brew shop's range so far consists of a festival beer (Das Rote), a wheat, Märzen and an IPA. Of course, the design of the labels was also done by the brewers themself and they are really something to be proud of. The current bottles and some design tips can also be found on the beer labels page.

The beers can now be found at many craft beer festivals and in some shops and pubs in the surrounding area. And even though things are going so well, beer brewing, according to Baumann and Künzel, is still only a vocation and not a profession.

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