Rhönpiraten, Rhön

Customer story 200-litre Braumeister

There are people that own a hidden treasure. Then there are people who know that you have to share such treasures. Because they simply are too precious to relish them alone. Stephan Kowalsky is such a human being. He produces what he loves, and shares the full-bodied result.

The specialist for brews and beverages from family tradition and own enthusiasm is devoted with energy and passion to his familiar private brewery “Röhnpiraten”. The name is program: Kowalsky brews on a 200-liter-Braumeister in his own house -hardheaded, joyful and simple- bio-beer specialties, up from Kellerbier (pils), wheat beer and dark beer to bock beer for his friends and fans. Over direct marketing, thirsty end-consumers and small businessmen and –women know the true promise of a thoroughly honest beer. The bottle with the significant pirate-banderole became the brand for clear natural finish beer-joys within the shortest amount of time.

Stainless steel fermentation tanks

The successful specialties can be purchased daily ex brewery. Also 3 taverns have already realized the signs of time and entertain their guests with beer from the brewery. Each Wednesday there is self-baked bread, as well as often happy celebrations, at where also the home-brewery can be visited.

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