PrinzenBräu, Liechtenstein

Customer story 200-litre Braumeister

Light-coloured lager, wheat beer, Altbier, and a stout - the so-called MONARCH brand - are the beers from a small private brewery run by Peter Eberle who has realized and lives out his dream of having his own brewery.

PrinzenBräu is the southernmost small brewery in Liechtenstein in the town of Balzers. The idea and theme are those of uniting the centuries-old brewing tradition with the Principality of Liechtenstein, its monarchy, its palaces and castles. This is reflected in the beer and especially in the logo of the brewery.

Meanwhile, even with the second 200-litre Braumeister, they can no longer brew enough to keep up with demand. If in their start-up year 2010 they made a total of 50 hectolitres, already by the end of March this year they had reached 50 hectolitres of beer. It all began in 2010 with a 50-litre Braumeister, which then relatively quickly became too small. The first 200-litre Braumeister then came in mid-2010 and in autumn of 2011, the second 200-litre Braumeister. According to Eberle, this one is always on the go except when all the fermentation tanks are filled.

The different beers are sold via the local drinks trade and served at events in town, and of course right on site in the small but elegant brewery restaurant. With his top-class beers, Peter Eberle noticeably enriches the taste experience and contributes to the preservation of an important cultural asset - our local beer!

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