Nopphof Biergarten

Noppbräu, South Tyrol

Customer Portrait Braumeister 200 litres

Near Bolzano, sustainable beer has been brewed at lofty heights since 2019. Behind it are Jochen and Constanze Bauder, who run the Nopphof at an altitude of 1350 meters - with real craftsmanship. With their 200-liter Braumeister, they brew an average of 100 hectoliters of beer per year and have three types of beer as standard in their range: pale ale, festival beer and a wheat beer. These are honest beer styles without artificial frills, craft brewed from their own raw materials, unfiltered and with the best spring water.

Jochen and Constanze Bauder
Nopphof Brauraum

In fact, only selected raw materials from their own cultivation go into the beers - that is the heart of the Nopp beers. Because in the immediate surroundings of the Nopphof, the owners grow barley, wheat, rye and even their own hops, sustainably, ecologically and without pesticides. True to the motto »Back to the roots«.

With their nature-loving and sustainable production methods, the Bauders fit in well with the South Tyrolean way of life, in which local products are frequently used and, above all, valued. Nopp beers are therefore available exclusively at the company's own tap, at local beverage retailers and in selected hotels and restaurants.

Bar at Nopphof

The European long-distance hiking trail E5 leads almost along the Nopphof. If you pass by the Nopphof on a hike, you can look forward to a fresh Noppbräu on weekends during the summer months. There are also ten-liter kegs available for purchase by advance order: Bavarian tapping, without dispensing equipment.

The Bauders also offer a brewing seminar with the 200-liter Braumeister, aimed specifically at people who want to successfully open their own brewery. The five-day intensive seminar provides exclusive brewing knowledge in a theoretical, a practical and a sensory part. In addition, the participants are also prepared for successful self-employment in start-up matters.

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