Keun, Belgien

Customer story 3 × 50 litre Braumeister

Gert Keunen is a hobby brewer from Ronse in the Flemish Ardennes. Here he brews quietly and with great devotion by self-developed recipes. Different malts, hops and yeasts, the dosage of herbs: everything is tried and seasoned until the result is simply perfect.

Up to now there are two beers, a light and a dark one. Both are intensive in taste, balanced and surprising. Initially the brewing took place in a neighboring brewery, now the own little micro-brewery is furnished with three 50-liters-Braumeister.

Grandfather Adriaan Keunen (left in picture)

With his passion for brewing Gert Keunen is following an old family tradition. His grandfather Adriaan Keunen (1901-1969) was working in the Hoogbrug brewery in Hasselt in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. Owner of the brewery was his uncle, Jos Gilissen. Later Adriaan opened up a beer trading company in Beringen with his two brothers.

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