Drei Männer mit dem Braumeister PLUS 50 Liter

Decker Beer, Freiburg

Customer portrait Braumeister PLUS 50 Liter

You have to do everything yourself. At least, if you want it to be good. When David, Daniel and Markus were fed up with mass beers in 2014, the three friends decided to change something.

In search of good beers, the three friends visited several breweries in the Freiburg region. The idea of a brewery network was born. A collective that demonstrates the diversity of beer under a common name: Decker was born.

Three beer glasses and a 1-liter Decker beer bottle

Meanwhile there are 12 beers in the assortment, which are produced by 14 brewers and six breweries. Decker still does this by hand. This not only means that attention is paid to high quality, but also that the regionality and sustainability of the ingredients is ensured.

But the Decker's boys not only want to work with professional brewers, but also inspire beginners for the art of brewing. That's why they opened Freiburg's first crowdfunded community brewery called Craftklub in their Decker garage.

With the help of Speidel’s Braumeister PLUS, the experts teach both beginners and experts the brewing trade. But not only the production, but also the tasting can be learned there during beer tastings.

Whoever devotes so much heart and soul to the subject of beer can count on our support and that is why Speidel is one of the Craftclub’s partners.

Decker has since made a name for themselves. But for David, Daniel and Markus that doesn't mean taking it slow. In addition to the beers and the Craftclub, Decker also organizes festivals. In 2015 Decker founded the Craftbeer Festival Freiburg and organized a Craftbeer Area on the Plaza Culinaria Freiburg - one of the largest food fairs in Southern Germany. Both events to celebrate the enjoyment of beer.

If you want to know more about Decker and the Craftklub, you can find more information here: