Packaging of Amperbräu

Amperbräu brewery, Dachauer Land near Munich

Customer portrait Braumeister 50 litres

Amperbräu is a small brewery from the Dachauer Land on the banks of the Amper (a river in Germany). It originated out of a bet of the founders Andi, Daniel, Matthias, Michi and Tom.

Originally just to settle a bet, the friends bought a 50 litres Braumeister in 2011. However, even the first home-brewed beer tasted so good that the enthusiasm of the five boys for brewing intensified. They decided to take a closer look at the process of beer production and handled various ingredients and dosages during their learning process. Afterwards the numerous own creations were tasted by their friends.

Three young men in lederhosen in front of the Amper, in front of them a 50-litres-Braumeister

In 2016 the hobby should become a little more serious and the brewery Amperbräu was founded. It was the first step to produce their beer on a larger scale. For this purpose, the friends perfected their recipes on the 50 litres brewmaster and then rented medium-sized breweries. There they are offered up to 50hL output and automatic bottle filling.

Two varieties have now been developed in this way. The bright "amperrauschen" and the naturally cloudy Kellerpils "hopfenbazi". Special beers are also produced at regular intervals in the tried-and-tested 50 litres Braumeister. The next big goal of the friends is now to serve their beer in their own pub brewery.

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