Custom brewing kitchen with Braumeister and fermentation tanks


All in one place

Brewing with Speidel's Braumeister is already easy enough. But now we are going one step further. With MySpeidel, there is now a platform on which you can manage and control your devices online. And to make brewing even more fun, you can create, save and share recipes within MySpeidel.

Sign up for MySpeidel

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Here we go

To get started please visit and sign up. After you have created your account, add the desired devices to MySpeidel. These will then appear in the device overview, where you can add new devices and edit or remove existing devices.

Device overview MySpeidel
Add new device

Add a new device

To create a new device, you have to enter three information: assign a name (e.g. Manni Malz), select the brewmaster size (e.g. 10-litre Braumeister) and enter the IP address of your Braumeister to establish a connection. The communication with the Braumeister is designed for use within your own wireless internet network.

Your own profile

Optimize your profile with additional personal information, select your home country and set up which measurement system you would like to work with.

Set up your profile

Create and synchronize recipes

The menu item »My Recipes and Sync« provides you with an overview of all recipes created and published by you and other MySpeidel users. Here you can find the community's entire beer knowledge.

Recipe overview
Public Recipes

All public recipes are available in European and Anglo-American scales. So it makes no difference whether you brew in Stuttgart, Germany or in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

It's your turn. Create your own recipe directly in the recipe tool. And remember: A good beer needs a good name. Your recipe will then be saved in »My Recipes« and can be shared with the community at any time in »Public Recipes«.

New recipe
Upload recipe

You don't have to create your recipes directly in MySpeidel. For example, if you have received a friend's recipe, simply import it. You can use drag and drop to upload a recipe from your computer to MySpeidel. These are stored in »My Recipes«.