Braumeister Add-ons

Braumeister Add-ons

With the new Braumeister you get the possibility to use a variety of add-ons. The extended connections on the back of the Braumeister control, integrated wireless LAN module and Bluetooth allow you to use all kinds of accessories. For example, it is possible to use automatic cooling after hop boiling, to ferment directly in the Braumeister or to monitor the fermentation process.

Tilt hydrometer and Braumeister

What best friends look like

If you use the new fermentation function of the Braumeister and ferment directly in the Braumeister kettle after the brewing process, the Tilt hydrometer is a useful addition. Even for the use in a fermentation tank the hydrometer offers some nice advantages. This is how it works.


The Tilt hydrometer shows you the Plato information (fermentation degree) on the Braumeister display even if you are not fermenting directly in the Braumeister, but in a fermentation tank near the Braumeister.

In combination with a magnetic valve and the Braumeister, the Tilt can also be used to control fermentation in a tank. The Tilt hydrometer sends the temperature to the Braumeister controller, which thus knows when to open the magnetic valve.

For everything to work, the magnetic valve must be connected to the cooling jacket of the fermentation tank. A cooling unit should also be connected to the fermenter, of course.

Functionality of the Tilt Hydrometer and Braumeister explained

This is how it works

Connect the Tilt hydrometer with your Braumeister:

  1. On the touchscreen, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Navigate to the »Gärmeister« item.
  3. Move the Tilt hydrometer slightly so that it automatically connects to the Braumeister via Bluetooth.
  4. Now the Plato information (fermentation degree) and temperature will be displayed at the top center of the Braumeister display.
  5. If the two devices are successfully connected, the Braumeister controller will use the temperature transmitted by the Tilt as the fermentation temperature.

The combination of the new Braumeister and Tilt Hydrometer thus offers a similar range of functions as the use of a GärmeisterCONTROL.

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Automatic cooling

Keep cool

In conjunction with a magnetic valve, the new Braumeister is able to automatically cool the batch down to the desired temperature after the hops have been boiled.

Provided you have connected a magnetic valve to the cooling jacket and the Braumeister control unit, you will see the "Automatic cooling" button on the right of the display before the hops are boiled.

If you press "Automatic cooling", you can set the temperature to which the hops are to be automatically cooled down after boiling.

To do this, connect a hose from your tap water to the magnetic valve and one from the cooling jacket back into the sink.

Turn on the cold water. Now begin the hop boil. Once the hop boil is complete, the Braumeister's control will open the magnetic valve so that the cold water can flow through the cooling jacket and the beer wort is cooled down to the set temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, the magnetic valve closes again. This automates brewing a bit again and saves you time.

Automatisches Kühlen

The magnetic valve is not only convenient for automatic cooling. In combination with a cooling unit, it can even be used to ferment in the Braumeister.

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Fermentation in the Braumeister

All in one

With the help of a cooling unit, a magnetic valve and the fermentation set including fermentation bung, you can ferment your beer directly in the Braumeister.

When you have finished boiling the hops and cooled down to the desired level, you must first fill the wort into a keg to clean the Braumeister. After cleaning, return the wort to the Braumeister and add yeast.

Then put on the fermentation lid and close it with the clamping ring. Add the fermenting bung to the lid to seal everything air-tight.

The magnetic valve is connected to the cooling jacket of the Braumeister so that the water from the cooling unit can flow in. The second hose then leads from the double jacket back into the cooling unit.

Now switch on the Braumeister and navigate to menu item "Gärmeister" in the settings. Here you can now set your fermentation temperature.

The control panel of the Braumeister – where the magentic valve is plugged in – now opens the magentic valve as soon as the temperature rises by 0.5°C above the set temperature, so that it is cooled again to the desired temperature by the cooling unit.

The control panel never switches on the heating elements in this phase, but only controls the magentic valve. This allows you to ferment in the Braumeister.

Fermenting in the Braumeister

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