With the Braumeister, anybody can brew good beer

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Never before has it been so easy to brew really good beer yourself. The Braumeister's patented technology is designed for simple operation and easy handling. This is precisely its special feature, because this was why it was developed by Speidel. 

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Anyone who has ever brewed with other equipment knows how bothersome brewing can be. With the Braumeister there is no stirring, no burning, no racking and no tinkering. All brewing steps take place in one vessel and are controlled by the fully automatic control system. You can concentrate on brewing a beer that perfectly suits your taste - or in between simply do nothing for a while.


The special feature of the Braumeister principle is that the goodness from the malt is not extracted by an agitator, but by a gently pumping the wort around. Mashing, lautering and hop boiling all take place in one boiler. That's how everything stays clean.

More about the brewing process



The malt is poured into the malt pipe. The malt does not come into contact with the heating nor with the bottom so nothing can burn on.

During the brewing process, the starch is extracted from the malt by gentle pumping.



After mashing, the malt pipe is simply removed and then placed on the edge of the Braumeister. There, the mash can drip a few minutes and is then removed.

Depending on whether a better yield is to be achieved, extra water can be poured through the malt in the draining position (sparging).



Without racking, the hops can now be added to the brew and boiling the hops started . Evaporated water is simply topped up, the markings on the drawbar of the Braumeister serve as level meters.


There are countless types of beer, for example, Altbier, Berlin wheat beer, bock beer, Bohemian lager, double bock, dark beer, oak-flavoured beer, export, festival beer, Gose, light, IPA, Jopenbier, Koelsch, lager, lambic, malt beer, Maerzen, Oktoberfest beer , pilsner, porter, smoked beer, rye beer, dark beer, black Viertler, stone beer, stout, Urtyp, wheat beer, Vienna, Zoigl, Zwickelbier / cellar beer. There is a summary of beer types in Wikipedia.

Generally speaking any kind of beer can be brewed with the Braumeister. Whether brewing is actually successful depends simply on the recipe, the ingredients and the fermentation temperature. The beauty of the Braumeister is that, thanks to its ease of operation, you can easily try out a lot of things and continue to improve on your favorite recipes.


Brewing on autopilot: The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures.

Depending on the recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the appropriate brewing times. The brewing process starts by switching over to automatic brewing. The control system guides the user through the various steps and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically.

Suits and fits

As supplement to the Braumeister we also produce the correspondent fermentation tank. In fact, we offer the right fermentation tank for any kind of application: from synthetical fermentation tanks for the small Braumeister to cylindroconical stainless steel fermentation tanks with integrated cooling double jacket. Best quality from a single source.

Braumeister universe

Not only the brewing equipment and fermentation tanks make Speidel the best choice, but also our numerous accessories and the necessary spare parts for your equipment. So you can be sure that you will still be able to get the necessary parts in the future and that you will always have state of the art equipment with our further developments.

My Speidel

The brewing community My Speidel is also part of our Braumeister product range. It allows you to control and monitor your devices conveniently online, create your own recipes and share them with others. My Speidel is also constantly being developed further and new functions are added.

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In particular, the large Braumeisters are very good value for brewpubs. The low purchase cost and the low price per litre ensure that the investment is usually recouped within a year.


Speidels Braumeister is not only an investment for beer lovers alone, but also for those around them. After all, who likes to enjoy beer alone? Of course, friends and family will also enjoy your home brew, be it at a party or as a gift.


The ingenious thing about the Braumeister-Patent DE 101 50 395 B4: The goodness from the malt is not extracted by an agitator, but by gently circulating the wort. Mashing, lautering and boiling the hops - everything takes place in one boiler. This is what makes brewing beer so simple and clean. The control system controls the brewing process fully automatically and can be programmed depending on the recipe. The Braumeister is almost completely made out of stainless steel and impresses users by its high quality.

Made in Germany

Speidel is a family owned company in Germany and for generations has been "Passionate about manufacturing containers". With great attention to detail we produce containers and devices for storing and manufacturing beverages such as beer, wine, juice and cider, for both the private and the professional sectors. This is how we know what is important in a product from the viewpoints of material and use.

Our containers and devices comply with the latest guidelines for food-contact materials. The Braumeisters are made almost completely out of stainless steel and stand out by their quality workmanship, Made in Germany. Modern production facilities and in particular our experienced staff ensure the consistently high quality of our products.