Produktion Braumeister PLUS

Only the Braumeister can do that

Those who have already had their first brewing experiences know that well thought-out details make brewing easier and are decisive for beer quality. Here you can see why the beer turns out so well with the Braumeister and why the brewing process is so much easier than with other devices.

  • No burning of the mash
  • easy cleaning and no hygiene problems
  • compact product design
  • digital brewing cockpit MySpeidel
  • fully automatic brewing control
Braumeister bottom outlet

Full flavour

The Braumeister is also the only brewing device that pumps from bottom to top. And this makes the decisive difference, because in this way the mash does not burn at the bottom of the kettle, as is the case with other devices.

In addition, the malt loosens up during pump intervals and the malt is washed out optimally and gently for a more intensive malt aroma.

Beer quality

Good beer is not only a matter of taste. Decisive for the quality of a beer is the cleanliness of all parts so that the beer is not contaminated. In the worst case, bacteria will form which will make the beer go bad.

So if you want to brew good beer, you cannot do without reliable hygiene. The Braumeister is designed for reliable hygiene, as all parts are easily accessible and easy to clean, so that no unwanted residues remain.

A clean slate

The Braumeister's pump is easily accessible and can be opened quickly and easily by hand. The inside of the pump can thus be cleaned easily and reliably.

Many hoses and additional but unnecessary connection options mean a risk to hygiene for many devices.

Especially fully automatic machines are particularly susceptible here.

With the Braumeister, we have deliberately avoided potential sources of contamination such as hoses, which are difficult to clean and remain moist all the time.

Why is this important? Cleanliness is decisive for the quality of the beer.

Why does nothing get burned here?

The brewing malt is filled into the malt pipe. The malt does not come into contact with the heating or the bottom, so nothing can burn.

During the brewing process, the starch is washed out of the malt by gentle pumping.

After mashing, the malt pipe is simply removed and then placed on the edge of the Braumeister. There the mash can be drained for a few minutes and then removed.

Depending on whether a better yield is to be achieved, water can also be poured through the malt in the draining position.

Without decanting, the hops can now be added to the brew and boiling can begin. Evaporated water is simply refilled, the markings on the pull bar of the brewmaster serve as level gauge.

Easy as pie

Brewing with Autopilot: The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually set recipes and runs through all brewing phases with precise timing and temperature.

Depending on the beer recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the corresponding brewing times. The brewing process starts when switching over to the automatic brewing system. The control system guides you through the individual steps in a user-friendly manner and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically.

One thing you can rely on

Due to the few parts and the high-quality workmanship, the Braumeister works reliably and is easy to maintain. It rarely breaks down and if something should break down, it can be easily repaired by yourself with the appropriate spare parts from our shop.

Looking good

We have managed to develop a beautiful, compact product in which neither pipes nor hoses are visible from the outside. The Braumeister cuts a fine figure in every garage, every brewing room and every kitchen and always looks tidy.

The original

The Braumeister and the associated service have been in existence for 15 years. And we are convinced that both will continue to exist for the next 15 years. We will help you with our many years of experience — no matter where in the world and no matter whether now or in 15 years.

Patented technology

The ingenious trick with patent DE 101 50 395 B4: The malt in the Braumeister is not washed out by a stirring device, but by gentle pumping of the wort. Mashing, lautering and hop boiling — everything takes place in one kettle. This makes brewing beer so easy and clean. The control system controls the brewing process fully automatically and can be programmed according to the recipe. The Braumeister is made almost entirely of stainless steel and features a high-quality finish.

State of the art

Our product range around the Braumeister also includes the »brewing cockpit« MySpeidel. With it you can conveniently control and monitor your equipment online, create your own recipes and share them with others. MySpeidel is also constantly being improved and new functions are added.