Big, bigger, biggest

Some dreams can be realized: Make yourself independent and brew your guests individual and special beer. This compact brewing unit is ideal for this.

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Your own beer

The big Braumeister is the ideal brewing system for restaurants, pubs, events or brewing communities. The compact design and efficient brewing make work easier, low acquisition costs and a low litre price ensure short-term amortization.

Easy handling

The brewing process remains as simple for the big Braumeister as it is for his little brother. The fully automatic shower control takes over the brewing of individually set recipes and runs through all brewing phases with precise timing and temperature. The integrated timer function saves time because, for example, the brewing water can be heated up early in the morning.

Think big

The big Braumeister is available in three versions: 200 litres, 500 litres und 1.000 litres. Despite the increased volume, the system remains mobile, easy to move and the space requirement remains minimal.

Braumeister 1000 Liter im Anschnitt
Braumeister 1000 Liter

The new control system,

The new brewing control brews with your individual recipes and guides you through the brewing process. With the Wifi module integrated in the control, recipes can be synchronized automatically or updates can be loaded. The time and temperature are precisely maintained in all brewing phases and the new touchscreen makes it even easier to control the master brewer.

Neue Braumeistersteuerung mit Touchscreen
Rückseite der neuen Braumeister-Steuerung

Pressure sensor-controlled pump control

In addition, the large brewmasters have integrated a new pressure sensor-controlled pump control. The pressure sensor in the pressure line to the malt pipe allows you to control the pump speed via the pressure.

The new timer function saves time because, for example, the brewing water can already be heated at night , in order to be able to mash directly at the start of work.

Drucksensor-gesteuere Pumpenregelung
Braumeister Timer-Funktion

Braumeister map

You are in good company with the big Braumeister: on our menu you will find breweries, inns and restaurants that brew with the big Braumeister.

The brewing cockpit

»MySpeidel« is the platform where you can create and save your recipes and exchange ideas with like-minded people. You can also manage and control your devices online on »MySpeidel«.

Recipes and MySpeidel