10, 20 and 50-litre Braumeister

Decker Brewery with Braumeister PLUS 50 Liter

The Braumeister of all brewing devices

The Braumeister was specifically designed for the budding and active hobby and home brewer. The compact size and simple operation make it ideal for use at home.

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Braumeister from 10 to 50 litres

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Depending on the recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the appropriate brewing times. The brewing process starts by switching over to automatic brewing. The control system guides the user through the various steps and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically. Optionally you can synchronize your recipes directly via My Speidel and monitor the brewing process.

Braumeister Steuerung beleuchtet
Detailfoto des Logos auf der Braumeistersteuerung


Depending on the recipe and process, water is poured in and heated to 38 °C. Then the malt pipe with the sieve inserts is put in position. Malt is poured between the sieve inserts. The malt pipe is fixed with the bracket and drawbar.

Braumeister Siebeinsatz
Malzrohr des Braumeisters

Mashing and brewing

The pump switches on. Due to the resulting water / wort circulation, the starch is extracted from the malt. The four brewing phases are run through as programmed.

Braumeister Heizung
Braumeister Pumpe


After the four phases have been run through, a warning tone sounds. Then the lautering process is easily and quickly done by removing the malt pipe. In the case of the 200 and 500-litre Braumeister, this is done by means of the lifting device. Allow to drain a few minutes and remove - if necessary pour water through the malt (sparge) to achieve a better yield.

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Technische Zeichnung des Läuterprozesses
Braumeister Malzrohr beim Läutern

Hop boiling

With the lid open, the wort is boiled for 80 minutes with hops being added several times. The evaporated water is replaced by the addition of fresh brewing water. The original gravity can be finally adjusted by adding or leaving out water. The drawbar on the Braumeister serves as a level meter. At the end of the boiling phase, a warning tone sounds again.

Technische Zeichnung des Braumeisters
Foto von Hopfen-Palletts

Fermenting and maturing

After boiling, the wort is cooled as soon as possible to the fermentation temperature by a wort cooler or in the case of the 200 and 500-litre Braumeister by the double jacket, mixed with yeast and fermented in an suitably large tank (accessory). After several weeks storage in bottles or in a maturing barrel (accessory), the well-chilled beer can be tasted.

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Braumeister PLUS

Now even newer: like the original, but better. The Braumeister PLUS with welded-on double jacket for cooling facilitates fermenting and maturing your beer. Because of the factory fitted weld-on double jacket you don't need an additional wort chiller for cooling down the wort for the fermentation.

The Braumeister PLUS is available with a capacity of 20 or 50 litres. Technical details, dimensions und further information can be found in our shop as soon as the Braumeister PLUS is available for sale.

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Cleaner, more convenient and more professional

For emptying the waste water there is an additional outlet tap mounted to the tank bottom, which makes cleaning remarkably easy. With the Gardena plug nipple the double jacket can easily be connected to a water hose.

Gardena Stecknippel am Doppelmantel
Braumeister PLUS 50 Liter

Wireless brewing

The wireless internet module BRAUMEISTERmobil is the perfect addition to your Braumeister. You can synchronize recipes with the Braumeister and control and monitor the brewing process via your home network. So you know what is going on in your brewing kitchen while sitting on the couch.


My Speidel – Brewing with friends

Everything is more fun, if you share it with someone. That’s why we created My Speidel, a digital playground for everyone who is interested in brewing beer with Speidels Braumeister.

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A person sitting in front of a computer using My Speidel

My Speidel is an online community where you can create, save, synchronize and share your favorite recipes with other users. And most importantly brew your favorite beer. Every Braumeister customer has his own login.

Via you can also manage different devices like the Braumeister and the GÄRSPUNDmobil.