The new Braumeister

The new Braumeister 10-litres
The new Braumeister 20-litres
The new Braumeister 50-litres

The all new Braumeister

Display of the new Braumeister with temperature display
The screen of the new Braumeister shows “Add hops now!”
The screen of the new Braumeister: Update 100%
Braumeister screen shows the fermentation program (wort cooling 76%. Temp: 82.5°C. Target temp: 20°C)
Braumeister display: “Delayed brewing start in 26 minutes”.

New software

A lot has also happened underneath the surface. During the brewing process, the brewing guide shows the exact ingredients including quantities. A handy new feature is the timer function for starting the brewing process. Simply set the desired time and the Braumeister starts automatically.

Brewing guide

With the new Brewing Guide you are now guided even better through the brewing process. The Braumeister now shows you the exact quantity of the required ingredients in the various steps. This makes brewing beer even easier.

Updates over the air

Your Braumeister is always up to date, completely without cables. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module, the Braumeister can update itself automatically and thus remains easy to maintain.

All in one

With the integrated fermentation program the wort can even be fermented directly in the Braumeister! Simply everything in a single kettle. The lid with fermentation bung, which is still needed for this, can be found in the accessories section of our online shop.

New features

The new timer function allows a delayed start of the brewing process at the desired time. Further automation options are possible, such as auto cooling. The timer for manual applications like heating and pump pauses offers a new level of flexibility.

Display of the new Braumeister from Speidel
Braumeister 20-litres
Detailed view: Speidels new Braumeister with lid

It’s all about the small things

The new generation of Speidels Braumeister is growing: from now on the 10-liter version is also available as Braumeister PLUS with a weld-on cooling jacket.

The new Braumeister 10-litres with lid


The inner values count

3D model of the new Braumeister with middle bar.

Precise temperature measurement

The temperature sensor was installed inside the middle bar, so that the temperature is measured exactly where it counts: in the middle of the malt.

And he can do even more

The new Braumeister accesses a large ingredient database, public and individual.

There is a wide range of automation possibilities: Auto cooling, programmable pump pauses, brewing with timer function or even sous-vide cooking or apple juice production.

On request, the Braumeister creates an automatic brewing log of the entire process.

Data from other devices such as a fermentation tank can be displayed by the Braumeister.

There is a large selection of accessories in the Braumeister online shop.