The Braumeister among brewing devices

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The Braumeister was specially developed as a brewing system for the aspiring and active hobby and home brewer. The compact dimensions and easy handling make the device ideal for use at home.

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Braumeister PLUS

Welded on double jacket

With the all new Braumeister PLUS you do not need any additional accessories. Thanks to the welded-on double jacket, you can cool down the wort without a cooling spiral.

Additional bottom outlet

There is an additional bottom outlet at the bottom of the Braumeister PLUS. This allows you to drain the dirty water, which makes cleaning considerably easier.

Automatic brewing control

The fully automatic control brews with preset or individual recipes. In all brewing phases, the time and temperature are maintained exactly. There are also hundreds of recipes in our brewing community at

Recipes and My Speidel

Patented technology

Constant stirring is not necessary with the Braumeister. The patented malt tube technology with pipelines that are invisible from the outside ensures gentle and convenient circulation of the beer wort. The Braumeister is the only brewing machine that pumps from bottom to top. This loosens up the malt during pump breaks and the malt is washed out optimally and gently for a more intensive malt aroma.

Brewing via wireless LAN

The wireless LAN module BRAUMEISTERmobil is the perfect complement to your Braumeister. With this module you can synchronize your recipes with the Braumeister and monitor and control him during the brewing process in your home wireless network. So you know what is going on in the brewing kitchen while sitting on the sofa.

Brewing with friends

Everything's more fun if you can share it. Therefore, with our online platform »MySpeidel« we offer a digital playground for all who are interested in brewing beer with Speidel's Braumeister.