Montage des Ablasshahns am Braumeister

Tips and Tricks

Here we would like to give you some tips and tricks to make brewing beer even easier. You also have tips about the Braumeister? Then please send us an e-mail and we will check whether your tip fits on this page.

The right pattern of ground malt

A good beer starts with the selection and the correct grinding of the malt. Here we want to show you what the ground malt should look like.

The picture on the right shows a grinding size of 1.2 mm; clearly too finely ground.

Grinding size 1,2mm

Here you see an example for a grinding size of 1.4 mm; not yet ideal.

Grinding size 1,4mm

Here you can see the ideal example with a grinding size of 1.6 mm; suitably ground. If whole grains do not break when pressed on, they were crushed too coarsely.

Grinding size 1,6 mm

Stainless steel hood as filling assistance

The stainless steel cover can be used wonderfully as a filling aid for the malt. Nothing goes wrong and all the malt ends up in the malt pipe. This prevents the malt from moving freely in the Braumeister and clogging the pump.

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Stainless steel hood as filling aid

Monitoring with Tilt

The Tilt Hydrometer shows you the Plato information (fermentation degree) on the display of the Braumeister when you are fermenting directly in the Braumeister or in a fermentation tank near the Braumeister.

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Automatic cooling

In conjunction with a magnetic valve, the new Braumeister is able to automatically cool the brew down to the desired temperature after the hops have been boiled.

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Automatisches Kühlen

Fermenting in the Braumeister

With the help of a cooling unit, a magnetic valve and the fermentation set including fermentation bung, you can ferment your beer directly in the Braumeister.

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Gären im Braumeister