• Our crown jewels on display

    With the new Braumeister PLUS you will achieve even better brewing results. What makes him so special, are the brilliant details.

  • Patented technology

    The ingenious trick with the Braumeister: The malt is not washed out by a stirring device, but by gentle pumping of the wort from bottom to top. The control system controls the brewing process fully automatically and can be programmed according to the recipe.

  • It fits!

    The accessories for the Braumeister are impressive. An that's no surprise, since it is also made by Speidel and is perfectly tailored to the Braumeister.

  • The inventors of malt pipe technology

    Often imitated, never reached: The principle of the Braumeister is a development of Speidel. With 15 years of development lead, no one can fool us here – at most, it's an imitation. The Braumeister continues to be the benchmark for quality

Finally, with My Speidel there is a platform that allows you to manage and control your devices online

Everything is more fun when you can share it. That's why our online platform »My Speidel« is a digital playground for everyone interested in brewing beer with Speidels Braumeister.

visit My Speidel now

With this portal you can create, store, synchronize, share and, above all, brew your favourite recipes. All Braumeister customers have their own customer login.

Several devices such as Braumeister and GÄRSPUNDmobil can also be managed via

MacBook with Screenshot of My Speidel

My Speidel features

  • All devices that you manage with My Speidel are displayed in a well designed overview.

  • To create a new device, you have to enter three information: assign a name (e.g. Manni Malz), select the brewmaster size (e.g. Baumeister 10 litres) and enter the IP address of your Braumeister to establish a connection. The communication with the Braumeister is designed for use within your own wireless internet network.

  • Optimize your profile with more personal information, select your home country and set up which measurement system you want to work with.

With the help of the wireless internet module you can control your Braumeister via a computer or mobile devices in your own wireless network.

Visit My Speidel

Controlling the Braumeister with an iPad