Zoigl, Kaufbeuren

Customer story 200-litre Braumeister

The Zoigl is the bar of the Kaufbeuren communal brewery run by Gernot Wildungsmauer. He has always been enthusiastic about the Zoigl restaurants (see Wikipedia) and their historical tradition in the Upper Palatinate area. His dream was to open a restaurant like that with a brewery in his birthplace of Kaufbeuren.

Now this Zoigl has been there for several years and it is gaining ever more supporters and regulars. In recent times, Wildungsmauer has been brewing his own beer with a 200-litre Braumeister - and the guests are delighted with the taste of the beer. The beer impresses drinkers with its fresh aroma and delectable taste and clearly leaves other industrial beers way behind.

It is brewed once or twice a week and opened according to a special Zoigl calender. In the small, rustic dining rooms, the restaurant's own home-brew (bottom fermented) is served to accompany hearty dishes. In addition, the green beer can be taken home to let it mature there. Zoigl tokens can be used to pay the bill or gifted as a "voucher". This further underlines the enthusiasm for the customs and traditions of Zoigl restaurants.

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Paintings with beer drinking dwarves and the inscription “Sie wurden nicht gescheiter und tranken einfach weiter” (“They did not become smarter and just kept on drinking”)