Browar Rzemieślniczy Wojkówka, Poland

Customer story 200-litre Braumeister

Piotr Zajdel and Krzysztof Ziobro established their own brewery in a former school in polish Wojaszówka. With a 200-liter-Braumeister and multiple Speidel-pressure tanks they are brewing 4 different varieties of beer.

In summertime, the brewery is a true visitor attraction due to its idyllic location near the river in a recreation area, and also attracts excursionists from the nearby towns. This way the beer has won a large following. According to the opinions of their guests, the two men brew the best beers in Poland. So it’s no miracle that the planned output of 500 to 1000 hectoliters per year was exceeded already in the second year after the founding.

The brewery’s website can be found here: