Brewery Seefranzl, Arget, Germany

Customer story 200-litre Braumeister

In a small street village south of Munich something happened.

Frustrated of the seemingly deterioration of the Bavarian variety of beer, the beer culture as well as the beer quality and the concentration on few little beer agents, Josef Bacher-Maurer and Andreas Kurpiela decided to attend a brewing workshop.

If it was the fascination of the art of brewing, the passionate workshop manager or the well soaked workshop
day – the brewing of beer fascinated Sepp and Andy. Back home, and after a brief counseling, they ordered the first brewing machine!

Historical property

Evolved from a simple 50 liters Braumeister has now grown a stately family business: The Seefranzl brewery with attached guesthouse.

The incommensurable beers are called Micheli dark, Aragartin whiteness, Nierhamer wheat beer bock Argentinus and Josefi Bock. They are based on old recipes and are now lovingly manufactured in a 200 liter Braumeister and directly sold ex brewery and served in the attached guesthouse, alongside mulled beer, beer liquor, beer mustard and beer jelly.

Again reconquered a piece of Bavarian brewing tradition!

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