iPad wireless connection via BraumeisterMobil

Now you can brew your beer everywhere!

With the new wireless internet module you can even stay on the sofa while brewing beer. You can monitor the brewing process within the wireless local area network via your wireless internet router. Furthermore you are able to update your Braumeister to the latest firmware.

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Wireless brewing

The wireless internet module BRAUMEISTERmobil is the perfect addition to your Braumeister. You can synchronize recipes with the Braumeister and control and monitor the brewing process via your home network. So you know what is going on in your brewing kitchen while sitting on the couch.

Hands holding an iPad

Stay updated!

Keep your Braumeister updated the easy way. Just use the BRAUMEISTERmobil to get the latest firmware for your Braumeister. It's as easy as that.

Detail photograph of wireless internet module
wireless internet module connected to a Braumeister

Mount your wireless internet module to one of the feet of your Braumeister simply by using the brackets on the back of the module. Afterwards connect it to the control panel with the attached cable. The USB port on the side of the module can be used to connect your BRAUMEISTERmobil to a computer.

Your ticket to My Speidel

The BRAUMEISTERmobil is your ticket to My Speidel. My Speidel let's you control your Braumeister through wireless internet. Furthermore you can synchronize recipes from My Speidel with your Braumeister and manage all your devices in one place.

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MacBook My Speidel

Technical details

  • for the supervision of the brewing process within the wireless local area network via wireless internet router
  • for the update of the Braumeister control system to the latest software (firmware)
  • for all 10 to 500 litre Braumeisters with control system, respectively with control unit 2015
  • network standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • software for update: PC with at least windows 7 or higher

The wireless internet module is available for all 10 to 500 litre Braumeisters with the 2015 control unit.

Braumeister software

  • Manual BRAUMEISTERmobil Wifi/Firmware updater module DE
    24.11.2017 | 858.2 KiB
  • Manual BRAUMEISTERmobil Wifi/Firmware updater module EN
    24.11.2017 | 861.2 KiB
  • BraumeisterSoftwareUpdater2-1.1.25-180517
    24.11.2017 | 5.7 MiB

    Actual serial version - Updater for Windows from 7 and OS X from 10.11.4
    Changed to 23b: Fahrenheit and C, 6 hoppings instead of 3, names for recipes, mandatory recipe sync with, improved wifi communication.
    Changed to 24c: Boiling options full heating or controling, additional improvements for wifi communication, new updater software with port scanning.
    Changed to 24d: Option for changing time during mashing, note for removing lid shortly before boiling, possibility to justify temperature probe, now heating during pump pause.

  • GaermeistserSoftwareUpdater2-1.1.3.S-211217
    30.12.2017 | 5.9 MiB

    New serial version - Updater for Windows from 7 and OS X from 10.11.4
    Changed to 0.1.2: Wifi functions are included for communication with MySpeidel, includes also an improved firmware update for the wifi-module (use this first, afterwards update the firmware of the Gärmeister).