Built according to the german purity law

Each one of our Braumeisters is mechanically welded and processed, tested and assembled by hand and, of course, manufactured with the best materials. From the first idea to the finished product we always give 100% and you can see that at the end of the process with every Braumeister. Here we want to show you how your Braumeister is created.


From the first sketch of our first Braumeister up to the current models a good 15 years have passed in which we have perfected the Braumeister further.

Quality is important to us

We only use high-quality material for our Braumeister and everything is checked and assembled by hand.

Safety and security

Each of our devices is extensively tested for functionality and safety. In addition, you will find instructions in the manual which you should observe for the safety in dealing with the Braumeister.


Especially the little things distinguish Speidel's Braumeister. Only if everything really is perfect the Braumeister is wrapped and shipped to you.

Braumeister wird gereinigt
Braumeister wird für den Versand vorbereitet
Braumeister Versandlager in Ofterdingen

A beer brewed by hand requires a carefully thought-out and high-quality brewing device. We have developed the Braumeister for everyone who wants to brew good beer.

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