200-litre and 500-litre Braumeister

Brauerei Keun mit Braumeister 200 Liter

Some dreams can be turned into reality!

Get independent and brew your guests individual and very special beer. Take advantage of the Braumeister's tried and tested design for a compact brewing unit. Brewing, lautering, hop boiling, whirlpool and cooling are all done in one boiler.

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Braumeister 500-Liter

Think Big

The brewing process with the big Braumeister stays as easy as it is with his little brother. The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures. To see how that works, visit the little Braumeister.

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Avoid messy brewing

Lautering is done easily and quickly by lifting the malt pipe with the lifting device included. This way you can carry out the lautering process quickly and without making a mess.

Dimensions and technical details

Despite it's larger capacity the Braumeister is still mobile, easy to move and the required space stays down to a minimum.

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Dimensions and technical details
Capacity Length Width Height Weight
200 l 136 cm 90 cm 210 cm 150 kg
500 l 253 cm 130 cm 277 cm 380 kg

Für große Braumeister

The big Braumeister is perfect for restaurants, bars, events or brewing communities. The low purchase cost and a low price per litre ensure it pays off quickly. On our map for big Braumeisters you can find breweries that brew their own beer with our big Braumeister.

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