Mann mit drei Braumeistern

What our clients have to say

A great number of enthusiastic customers write to tell us about their experience with the brewmaster. This of course makes us very happy and so we want to publish some of this feedback here. Even if with some of the texts you might wonder whether we could have thought up this adulation ourselves: no, everything you read here was written to us just as it is.

Great new controller

...The new controller is really great. If the grey one was a pocket calculator, the 2015 a Nokia 3310 with Snake, then the new controller is an iPhone. It has worked flawlessly from day one!

Great Service

Hi Marcel

Thank you for all your time and attention.  It's great to know that the service you offer is as great as your products.  

Jeremy from France

Reliable and beautifully made product

To the Braumeister designers and builders, 

My name is Lee Pragnell and I live in Western Australia near Perth. I have owned the 2nd generation Braumeister since 2016 and have brewed over 200 beers in my 20 litre unit.

Apart from a couple of software bugs that were later resolved, my Braumeister has performed without fault.

I want to say thankyou for making such a reliable and beautifully made product. I can not express enough how much I have enjoyed the gorgeous brews I have been able to make with relative ease.

I will be soon taking delivery of the latest 20l Braumeister and I am excited to experience using all the new upgrades. Whoever came up with the pump transfer device idea is a genius.

Thankyou all once again.

Kind regards 

Lee Pragnell 

The best you can get

It sounds great that you work with improvements on this very good equipment. I have a test panel that test my beers. I use to brew light Pils because they are most difficult. My test panel says that they prefer my beers instead of what they are able to buy. I have also tested commercial beers along with mine with test panel. I made good beers before with my own made equipment, but with my BM it's just more easy and fun to brew. In my opinion it's the best you can get.

Best regards

Another level

You guys have taken brewing beer to another level in my honest and humble opinion they are simply astonishing to taste savour and appreciate. 

The feed back I’ve had from people who have tasted my brews no matter style or country of origin where that style of beer has come from the reaction is my god THIS IS A MANS BEER....... They simply can’t get enough of a Braumeister brewed beer. 

I just can’t praise you guys enough in what you have created right across the whole Braumeister range.

Cheers and thanks for all correspondence you have given me Ralf.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes to you and your amazing team at Speidel.

Cheers / Prost!

Customer from UK

Fantastic product

Fantastic product you have by the way, 

Home brewing has never been easier - or better. 

Customer from Denmark

Finest quality

I am glad to own one of your Braumeister. The finest quality I´ve ever seen!

Customer from Bulgaria

Always fun

Danke schön Marcel! 

I always have fun brewing, especially with the Braumeister. 

Customer from Great Britain

Brilliant brewing machine

I did my first BM200-brew last Monday.

I went great! Brilliant brewing machine!


Customer from Belgium

Proud owner


I am the proud owner of a Speidel braumeister 20l. since about 5 years now. It works brilliant and I haven got any complaints.


Customer from the Netherlands

Huge fan

Hi Marcel, 

It's OK. You guys doing great product and I am your huge fan. 

Best regards 


Like father like son

Dear Speidel Team,
with the Braumeister I had the perfect entry to beer brewing!

In the year 1991 I made my first brewing experiences and the result were ok. Anyway, I stopped brewing beer when my son was born in 1992. Till February of 2016, where I was visiting several breweries und distilleries with my now adult son in Ireland.

Thereby I told him that in the past I brewed beer myself. It quickly became clear, that we were going to brew beer together once we got back home. We then started to brew beer in cooking pots with a volume of 22 litres. Encouraged by the results we decided to do it properly. After some research we ordered the 20 litre Braumeister and started brewing in June.

Now we already finished our thirtieth brew and we are totally excited by the functioning and quality of the Braumeister. We are looking forward to upgrade our equipment this year and get an additional 20 litre Braumeister or even a 50 litre Braumeister. Thank you so much for this incredible brewing device! The wireless internet module makes every brewing day special and exciting. It's a real pleasure.

Tuesday is brewing day again and brew number 31 will hit the Braumeister.

Greetings from Austria
A happy client from Austria

Double state champion

Dear Sir or Madam,
we purchased a 20L Braumeister in July 2015.

In the period of quite accurate one year we succeeded in expanding our abilities, so that we could (among other awards) win the title “Double state champion” at the Austrian Brewing championships this year.

Not at last, it was the sophisticated system of the Braumeister that enabled us to nourish this hobby with much joy and intensity – and for that we want to thank you!

Award-winning customer from Austria

Fantastic Equipment

Dear Ralf,

working with the Speidel 20 liter for some time, made already some beers.

From the first one the beer was very good, every time I learn more.

The equipment is fantastic!!!

Customer from Hungary

Very, very happy

Hi Irina, 

I hope you are well. I'm pretty happy with the Braumeister (when a New Zealander says that, it means 'very very happy').

Brewing has become a joy

Hi, just to say i recently bought a 10l braumeister, it is a top notch bit of equipment and brewing has become a joy. It is simple to use and reliable.

Thanks guys!

Customer from the United Kingdom

Couldn't believe that we are able to brew such a good beer

Hello Irina, 

we had today our first wheat beer, brewed on 50L Braumeister and we are so happy with the result! Couldn't believe that we are able to brew such a good beer. We would like to say special THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the whole team, who work for Speidel. We wish you to have blessed Merry Christmas and happy, innovative and productive new year. God bless you all.

Regards, Slava

Customer from New York

The best decision of my life

I bought a Speidel Braumeister 50l. This was the best decision of my life :)!

Marco from the Netherlands

I can’t thank you enough for your exellent service

Hi Ralf,

i must say im sorry i should of emailed sooner but i have my new element which is perfect i can’t thank you enough for your exellent service.

Once i am back from holiday i plan to film a brewday on the unit and share with my viewers and the world how great this unit is. In fact i havent stopped talking about it since i got it. The unit is perfect for me.


It’s a pleasure to brew week after week in such a very reliable equipment

Hello Ralf,

Patrona is growing steady. In Octorber 2, was the 1 year birthday Party! We had 430 people drinking our beer, live music, and other atractions! Everything is great, it’s a pleasure to brew week after week in such a very reliable equipment, the Braumeister. The Brau 50 liters is very good too. I´ve Brewed a Porter and a Pumpking Ale.

Check Patrona Facebook to see the news.

Best Regard

Customer from Brasil

I am a big advocate of the braumeister

I want to say that your product makes the BEST beer. The ability to do multiple step mashes along temp controlled coolers for lager time is simply the best. I am a big advocate of the braumeister. Thanks for your help.

I will be in contact if anything further develops.

Thanks again Ralf …

Customer from USA

The best beer ever

Dear Mr. Leukart,

At this moment I am enjoying my 41st brew. Thanks to your advice and "my" Braumeister,  I have brewed what to my taste is the best beer ever.

Brewing with the Braumeister is as ever a lot of fun, it is just perfect. There are a few things I could do without in my life, but not without my Braumeister.

Suggestions for improvement: none. The BM is perfect.

Best regards from Swabia
Customer from Heilbronn

Absolutely delighted

Hello Mr. Leukart,

For some time now I have been the proud owner of a 200-litre Braumeister. I am absolutely delighted with the device. The workmanship is unique and brewing with it is even more fun than with conventional devices …

Customer from Germany

Sophisticated and well thought out

Hello Mr. Leukart,

The high-quality manufactured Speidel Braumeister makes brewing a lot of fun. Speidel Braumeisters are sophisticated and well thought out, handling them is very easy to understand. I have just purchased in addition some cooling collars so I can save time and energy when brewing – really great.

Customer from Liechtenstein

First place among the home brewers from Cape Town

Last weekend my wheat beer took first place at the Cape Town home brewers contest. A large part of the victory in any case is due to your Braumeister!

Customer from Cape Town, South Africa

Received with praise

At Christmas time I ordered a Braumeister for my husband as a Christmas present. I just wanted to tell you is that the first beer has been brewed, enjoyed and was received with praise. My husband and the other tasters are enthusiastic. Thanks again for your kind advice and all the best.

Customer from Germany

Technically very well thought-out home brewing system

Along with the trainees Franziska Bräuter (future student of Brewing at the Technical University of Munich) and Marcus Bengelstorff (specialist in food technology) I recently had the pleasure of brewing my first batch of beer on the Speidel »Braumeister«. I’m delighted! The brewing system is hard to beat when it comes to handling and user-friendliness!

After quick and easy programming of the mashing and boiling program, we were able to get on with mashing our »Schlotfegerla ®,« the classic Weyermann® smoked beer. Since the device explains all the steps on the screen to the operator and draws attention to the next steps to be performed by a warning tone, you can safely devote your time to cleaning fermenters, etc.

The total lautering time of 20 minutes and the good evaporation by boiling at atmospheric pressure finally convinced me completely that this home brewing system is technically very well thought out. I’m already looking forward to the first sip of »Schlotfegerla®« brewed on the Speidel »Braumeister« and to the next batch that we shall be brewing together with our apprentices and trainees.

Oliver Honsel

Master Brewer at Weyermann® Brewery

140th brew

dear speidel company, dear braumeister team!

tomorrow I will make my 140th brew with the 500-litre braumeister and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate US on it! during this time I had not a single fault, no »sour« beer, no additional costs, just a lot of fun and also a lot of »merry« times with it! THANK YOU!

Customer from Austria

Everything just as described

Now that the first successful batch is finished and completely fermented, I poured out my first home-brewed beer … I was all keyed up … and I’m thrilled! So this is what beer can taste like – way better than mass-produced, pasteurized beers that can hardly be told apart. (This all sounds terribly clichéd … but it was and is like that).

Normally, I’m pretty sceptical of advertising claims, but as regrads the Speidel company, I must say: everything was just as described! Working with the Braumeister is a joy! I can highly recommend the device to anyone who is interested (which I have already done twice); Admittedly, the price is relatively high, but the investment is well worth it and after three brews (1st: lots of beginner's mistakes such as botching the hop addition, forgot the top sieve insert, my mistake, 2nd: tastes very good, 3rd: fermenting, I do not regret one cent.)

Before buying I was won over by the support given by Mr. Leukart. He answered all my questions with true patience and very quickly – that’s great! – so now I only need to get my better half's permission to brew beer … .

Customer from Berlin

Amazing fun

I have now brewed 4 batches with my Braumeister for 20 litres of beer and am fully satisfied with the result. The quality and ease of operability are super. I was also given competent advice by the speidel company by phone (mr Leukart). beer brewing as a hobby is tremendous fun. I can do nothing other than heartily recommend the braumeister.

a hobby brewer from the fürth area

Child’s play

I have been brewing beer for a long time for my own needs and have been allowed to make larger batches twice in a pilot brewery under the guidance of a professional. With your Braumeister, home brewing is child's play. Very clean, easy to use and can be used even in the smallest space.

Customer from the Saarland

The result nearly floored us

In August we bought a 20-litre Braumeister from you including various accessories and 3 mash kits. The first beer we brewed was Kölsch lager. Went off really well and great fun. The result nearly floored us, a really super beer with verve, nice foaming, sparkling, just good and tasty. Also, the Braumeister is a great machine, really well manufactured and easy to clean. In short, we are thrilled. We bottle our beers in 0.33 in swing-top bottles and so every day we have our »own« night cap. As you can see, we are delighted and can only recommend your company and the Braumeister.

A customer from Switzerland

The technology works perfectly

I tested the Braumeister yesterday. The technology works perfectly and is easy to handle. The actual temperatures it reaches are wiithin 1 ºC of the value displayed. That is extremely accurate. The finish of the device is very good. As a former head of quality control in the automotive industry and a graduate engineer, I can tell. I congratulate you on your Braumeister.

Customer from Germany

The best system for homebrewing in the market

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for producing the best system for homebrewing in the market.
For a couple of weeks ago I received my second BM50 with the new controller.
I have brewed with it and you have really succeeded to get the best system even better!
Since the beer I brewed on that still is fermenting I instead drink a beer from my first BM50 with the 2015 controller.
And I also need to add that your fermenters are the best I’ve ever used. 
Keep up the good work!
Customer from Sweden

Everything went well

I have now had the Braumeister for 15 months and have made more than 50 brews – thanks to your advice and help (in particular Mr. Leukart) everything went well:

  • my thirsty friends are always keen to visit me
  • they drink and praise my home-brewed beer.

»a very satisfied customer from Franconia«

We wouldn’t want to miss it

The new Braumeister is the greatest gift that anybody can give a brewer ! I’ve tested it several times. Handling it is great, the yield wonderful and the beer is dead tasty! The beauty of it: between the phases, you can devote yourself to other matters until the Braumeister prompts you to add something. In short – it saves you loads of time. We would certainly not want to do without our new BM – butler in our household.

An excellent investment

Here is my feedback on the »Braumeister« after several trial brews: an excellent investment that is worth the money!!! We have brewed and tasted a number of beers in the meantime and are thrilled by the flavour and palatability of the drink.

Customer from Germany

Everybody liked the taste of the first beer

Yesterday we tasted my first beer. Everybody liked the taste. I brewed the beer according to the instructions with the Braumeister. Do you have more recipes and can you send me them?

Customer from Germany

Brew pot

I am really delighted that the Braumeister maintains the target temperatures without large fluctuations, but only now do I discover the difference between my old brew pot (as we say in the Sauerland) and the great device you have developed.

Customer from the Sauerland

Going professional

Have successfully made lots of brews with your Braumeister, am very happy with it. Soon I intend to install a 150-litre brewing set-up in a restaurant here, maybe then immediately afterwards a 2nd one in another restaurant. So now I'm going professional.

Customer from Portugal

Have had a lot of compliments

Last week I drank my first home-brewed beer, the result was very good. Have had a lot of compliments because the beer was clean and tasted good. Also, brewing is very good, it's easy and works much faster in comparison with my friends' home-made equipment . I'm very satisfied and I'm pleased to let you know.

Customer from Holland


First I would like to thank you for the professional assistance and customer service which, in my opinion, is unsurpassed. I've finally bought a 20-litre Braumeister.

Yesterday I made my first attempt at brewing and I am very happy with it! It's a great device, easy to use and efficient. I really enjoyed my brewing day, especially because of the low outlay involved in brewing and even more when cleaning afterwards. The Braumeister does not actually shorten the brewing day though, but definitely makes it easier and more enjoyable. I managed to brew a Bohemian Pilsener with a single program run. And all this with only one spare stainless steel pot for the brew! It all worked so incredibly smoothly.

Customer from UK

The best beer in Mexico

The Braumeister is great, thanks for the help. It works perfectly and the people here say that I have the best beer in all of Mexico. Just to give you some information on Mexico: Here, small breweries are sprouting up and now things have gone so well that we want to open a second brewery.

I have won three gold medals for my beer and thanks to the Braumeister and Speidel it was a great success. If you ever want to use my brewery as a reference, please let me know. I'll probably buy another Braumeister soon and 4 or 5 of your 500-litre fermentation tanks and a cooling system. Thanks for all the help.

Customer from Mexico

Good beer with little outlay

The Braumeister makes really good beer with little outlay. A local professional brewer tried our IPA and found it really good :) ...

Customer from Finland

Nothing but advantages

Today I made my first batch of beer with the Braumeister. What a time saver! How clean! What easy cleaning! I'm really happy with my purchase. I may be wrong, but I can see only advantages with the Braumeister.

Customer from France

Excellent product

I have had my 20-litre Braumeister for two years now and I want to thank you for this excellent product. I have brewed many traditional English ales and the Braumeister was almost perfect.

Customer from England

News from Bobage Brewing

After purchasing your equipment form Vigo in the UK earlier this year I thought you might be interested in our recent brew, the first brewery in Yorkshire to bottle real ale made with Yorkshire Hops! I have to say the equipment is fantastic and has certainly helped us develop and maintain consistently good results, we currently brew about once a week but are looking forward to increasing this as demand grows.

Customer from the UK