10-, 20- and 50-litre Braumeister

With a new control, integrated WiFi and cooling jacket as standard

The new Braumeister

The new Braumeister

200-, 500- and 1000­litre Braumeister

Make yourself independent and brew your guests individual and special beer. This compact brewing plant is ideal for this.

The big Braumeister

The big Brameister

Fermentation tanks

It doesn't matter whether they are made of synthetical material or stainless steel, with pressure or without, cylindrical, conical or oval: Speidel has the right container for every purpose.

The Speidel universe


With MySpeidel, there is now a platform on which you can manage and control your devices online. And to make brewing even more fun, you can create, save and share recipes within MySpeidel.

Going one step further

My Speidel Screen

GÄRSPUNDmobil and Gärmeister CONTROL

Our new accessories GÄRSPUNDmobil and Gärmeister CONTROL are the perfect fit for anyone, who desires more control during the fermentation process, to improve their beer even more.

Opt your fermentation


Here you can see why the beer turns out so well with the Braumeister and why the brewing process is so much easier than with other devices.


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Speidels Baumeister Maischerohr

Made in Germany

Built according to the german purity law. Here we want to show you how your Braumeister is created.

Swabian craftsmanship

Speidels Baumeister Maischerohr

Braumeister comparison

The Braumeister was specially developed for the beginner and the advanced home brewer. The compact dimensions and the easy handling make the Braumeister ideal for the use at home.

The right size

Speidels Baumeister Maischerohr