The new #Braumeister

With touchscreen, integrated WIFI + Bluetooth, water resistant up until IP65 and much more!


Braumeister PLUS

What makes Braumeister PLUS so special? Just watch the following video.

Speidels fermentation tanks

What was brewed in a Braumeister should also be allowed to mature in a Speidel fermentation tank. Everything simply goes together.

The Fermentegg

With Speidels ferment egg you get a very special fermentation tank. Find out more about it here.

Now anybody can brew beer

The new 10 litre Braumeister has arrived: its format is so handy that the device can be used even in the smallest of kitchens, making this kind of Braumeister the ideal tool for occasional, fast brewing as well as for the testing of particular beers in small quantities. Once you have discovered the Braumeister’s efficiency, you might even want to have it around you permanently.

For home and hobby brewers

The following video shows you how easy and convenient brewing with the Braumeister is. Primarily, the Braumeister was developed for hobby and home brewers. Thanks to its compact size and simple operation the Braumeister is, in fact, ideally suited for home use.

The fully automatic control system allows brewing with both default and individual recipes. Time and temperature are precisely maintained throughout the whole brewing process. In contrast to the often cumbersome equipment of many other hobby brewing devices, the Braumeister does not require constant stirring. The patented malt pipe technology makes for the easy and gentle circulation of the wort. This way, nothing gets burned and there is no need for decanting during the brewing process.

For brewing pubs and small breweries

The big Braumeister is very easy to operate, too. The following video shows you how easy for example the brewing with the 200-litre-Braumeister actually is.

Inns, pubs or brewing communities that need a brewing device for their events want the device to be mobile and easy to move in order to minimalize the required space. In addition, the low acquisition costs and a low price per litre guarantee the Braumeister's fast amortisation.

More videos can be found on the Braumeister's Youtube channel.