So little and already a Braumeister

The smallest Braumeister is so handy that it can be placed in any kitchen. This makes it ideal for the small brewing experience in between or for trying out very special beers in small quantities.

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A Braumeister 20 liters stands in the kitchen

Built according to the German Purity Law

The Braumeister PLUS

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Braumeister Plus with stainless steel hood

The new Braumeister

With a new control, integrated WiFi and cooling jacket as standard

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Braumeister in action

Braumeister 1000 litres

The family grows

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Braumeister 1000 litres

How to brew beer?

Here you will find everything you need to know about brewing

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Freshly brewed

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Honest ferments longest

In brewing beer, fermentation is just as important as the brewing itself. It's a good thing that Speidel isn't fooling anyone there either. Because we also manufacture the fermentation vessels ourselves.

Speidels fermentation tanks

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Fermenting beer


Explore and synchronize recipes with our brewing community

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MySpeidel on an iPad


One blop rarely comes alone

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Gärmeister CONTROL

Everything is under control

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Gärmeister CONTROL


The durability of a Braumeister ensures that you will enjoy it for years to come. That's why we have accessories that make brewing even more fun.

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Photo montage, based on Bayeux tapestry. A tapestry with medieval figures and a Braumeister.